Friday, December 2, 2011


Allahuakbar, after 3 years, i never really thought that i'll be coming back here. During this course, i really want to thank Allah for his mercy and kindness that i was able to learn and grow and more than that.... never stop believing. 2011 is going to an end, it is time to check whether i have accomplished all the resolutions. Hmm.. seems cloudy...but that's fine because i remember one quote that says, "Hasbunallah Wa Ni'mal Wakeel - That's enough as there is God for me". As 2012 is coming, i wish Allah will continue to bless me with his mercy and kindness. Amin.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Allopzz all bloggerz,
Pisang Emas Dibawa Belayar,
Masa Sebijik Di atas Peti
Hutang Emas Boleh Dibayar.. yeke??
Macam mana nak Bayar? Aku mana Ada Emass!!!!

Salam Malaysia, Salam untuk semua...
Nak intro nama kat you all..
I nie ada macam2 nama..Kat umah panggil zura, time skolah menengah panggil Abu, then Aju plak, Now jadi Azura...